Friday, April 03, 2009

What if it were Bush at the G20? The Times reports...

Well, the New York Times certainly did give a glowing review (what other kind is there?) to Obama's "performance" at the G-20.

And why not? He followed the script laid out by the lefties at the Times to the letter:

In his debut on the international stage, President Obama presented himself as the leader of an America that can no longer go it alone, and as abiding by the protocol of a global new deal

It was a performance that ranged from mediating behind closed doors — Mr. Obama personally intervened in a spat between the French and Chinese leaders — to a carefully calculated news conference in which he reached deep into history, showed contrition for the failings of Wall Street, and forecast a road the world could no longer travel. Gone are the days, from Pax Britannica to Pax Americana, when Britain and the United States made the rules that others followed.

Now, were it President Bush at this year's G-20, we would have read the following:

It was another embarrassing overseas trip for Mr. Bush, as he was assailed by throngs of protestors upon his arrival, was forced to abdicate American preeminence on the national stage, and found himself in the middle of a spat between erstwhile ally France and a resurgent China.

Furthermore, Bush compounded his errors by improperly greeting the Queen with a two-handed handshake, and had the gall to present this icon of British royalty with the pedestrian gift of an IPod, filled with audio recordings of his own rather mundane speeches.
The president did find time to deeply bow in subserviance to the King of Saudi Arabia, no doubt due to his family's long-lasting financial ties to the Abdullah and his clan that has enriched them both, at the cost of thousands of innocent lives.

Ah, I miss the old days.

But the next time you are tempted to give in and trust what you read in the paper or see on TV, please remember the following, also from the Times article:

In a rare show of emotion from the international press, many in the room stood up and cheered after Mr. Obama was done.

Just like they would have for George Bush...right?


John P. said...

LOL. very well written.

Anonymous said...

Awesome! Sadly true of course.

Erica said...

You nailed it, brother.