Monday, April 13, 2009

Katie Couric Lets A Little Truth Slip....

The Perky One stands up to big bad Dick Cheney and all those teabag-packin' conservatives, when she discusses some of the criticism the Obama administration has recieved lately. Katie knows who's side her bosses are on, so she wags her finger at us and says:

We should never shy away from insightful criticism. And in the white hot spotlight of the presidency a fair amount of back seat driving simply comes with the territory.

But it's fair to give the new kids on the block a chance to get their learner's permits first.

That's a page from my notebook.

Hmmm...where was that notebook when many right-thinking Americans considered the lack of experience to be their #1 question about Barack Obama? Oh right, Katie was whacking Sarah Palin over the head with it, while she and her liberal comrades were assuring us there was nothing to worry about with Obama, so
go vote for him, you racist cracker!

New kids on the block? Learner's permits? (not even a license?) Is this who we have put in charge of our nation at a time fraught with peril?

Why are you first telling us this now, Katie C.? Making excuses for the party in power, like a good media figure, or concerned about protecting your own reputation against a popular backlash?

Well...if you're interested in seeing it, check out the link as well...


Anonymous said...

She actually gets paid for that performance? Boy, she's brilliant, just brilliant. Just another confirmation for me as to why I do not watch the mainstream media. Thanks!

Jim - PRS said...

I know I don't comment as often as these posts deserve, but it's just that, after reading them (ones such as this), my eyes cross with rage.

What really frosts my stindeens is that she and those of her ilk view us as stooooooooopid, knuckle-dragging apes, while they are so veddy, veddy with it.