Thursday, April 16, 2009

5,000 Attend Tea Party In...New York City ??

As much as the media and the Obama administration trys to portray the Tea Partying tax-and-spend protestors as "right wing extremists", it ain't flying. Especially when you get a turnout like this in New York City:

About 5,000 people jammed the streets around New York's City Hall...Retired NYPD Lt. Sean Jordan, 43, of Westchester, turned up with his 17-year-old son, Connor, both bearing signs describing their disgust with the economy.

"UNCLE," screamed Jordan's sign.

Scream as loud as you want, Sean...Obama's is still going to keep twisting your arm until you give him everything - everything - that you have...

Great photo album here !

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Truly Liberated said...

Hi, my name is Ernesto Cullari, from the Justified Right in Asbury Park ( There were at least 15,000 people there at the NYC Tea Party on April 15th. I was in attendance. There was more than a football field's worth of people there. A football field can hold approximately 15,000 people. Therefore there was in my estimation at least 15-20 thousand people in attendance.