Monday, April 13, 2009

Seals save Captain Phillips, Media Slobbers on Obama

What did Barack Obama do in the Great Pirate Standoff last week? Why, nothing, except doing his best to hinder the use of lethal force by putting into play dangerous and subjective conditions. Nevertheless, the media will drool all over Obama, as if he did something wise and brave...first, the bootlicks that make up MSNBC:

Analysis: Obama scores win on pirate crisis
His administration passes its first critical national security test

Obama's quiet backstage decision to authorize the Defense Department to take necessary action if Capt. Richard Phillips' life was in imminent danger gave a Navy commander the go-ahead to order snipers to fire on the pirates holding the cargo ship captain at gunpoint.
For Obama, the benefits were instantly clear: an American life saved and a major victory notched against an increasingly worrisome scourge of the seas off the Horn of Africa.

...The sniper operation Sunday, with pirate guns aimed at Phillips, was a daring, high-stakes gambit, and it could have easily gone awry. If it had, the fallout would have probably landed hardest on Obama.

Fallout? On Obama? From who, the media? HA! They would have been the first to jump into the Obama Express and roll right over the Seals, had anything gone awry....

Daring and high-stakes, indeed. I guess anytime a Democrat allows someone else to pull a trigger for him (as close as they'll get to courage), it's high-stakes...

The Washington Post is mere lickspittle as well:

An Early Military Victory for Obama may help to quell criticism leveled at Obama that he came to office as a Democratic antiwar candidate who could prove unwilling or unable to harness military might when necessary.

I remain unconvinced that shooting three pirates is actually an example of using "military might". Then again, for Obama, the media tends to define everything - especially "success" - down.

Again - having Seals shoot three pirates is hardly any type of genius-level display of military expertise, or of foreign policy skill. It is, I guess, if you are as desperate and insecure as the media seems to be about their handpicked commander-in-chief....

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