Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Jack Tapper Smacks Down Gibbs, Obama

Well, at least there is one honest man in the media, one who does not slobber on the knees before The One Who Will Bail Us....Jack Tapper appropriately mocks the Obama administration's pledge to locat $100 million in savings - an amount equal to hourly accruing interest on the debt created by the stimulus bill:

Link: AP, Tapper Confront Obama Admin Over 0 Million


TAPPER: You were talking about an appropriations bill a few weeks ago about $8 billion being minuscule -- $8 billion in earmarks. We were talking about that and you said that that...

GIBBS: Well, in terms of -- in...(CROSSTALK)

TAPPER: ...$100 million is a lot but $8 billion is small?

Jennifer Lovin from the AP gets tough as well:

JENNIFER LOVEN, AP: The $100 million target figure that the president talked about today with the Cabinet, can you explain why so small? I know he talked about -- you know, you add up 100 million and 100 million, and eventually, you get somewhere, but it would take an awfully long time to add up hundred million (inaudible) in the deficit. Why not target a bigger number?

GIBBS: (Smiling) Well, I think only in Washington, D.C. is a hundred million dollars...

LOVEN: The deficit's very large. It's not a joke.

GIBBS: No, I'm...

LOVEN: The deficit's giant. $100 million really is only a step.

GIBBS: But no joke.

LOVEN: You sound like you're joking about it, but it's not funny.

GIBBS: I'm not making jokes about it. I'm being completely sincere that only in Washington, D.C. is $100 million not a lot of money. It is where I'm from. It is where I grew up. And I think it is for hundreds of millions of Americans.

LOVEN: The point is it's not a very big portion of the deficit.

Everything's funny to Barack and Gibbs (remember how Obama kept laughing about the financial crisis on "60 Minutes"?). Maybe because the meltdown is just a tool for them to accumulate additional control and power ("Never waste a crisis", they chant), and the longer it lasts, the more they gain?

They're laughing all the way to the bank - you know, the bank they purchased with your tax dollars...

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