Saturday, April 18, 2009

Obama/Messiah: Raising The Dead!

The sign the Left has been waiting for, the sign that proves beyond all shadow of doubt that Barack Obama is The One, the Messiah, He Who Will Deliver Us.

He has raised the Dead.

Well, the Grateful Dead:

...already President Barack Obama has accomplished at least one task that had appeared all but impossible just a year ago: He's put The Dead back on the road.

As the core surviving members of the Grateful Dead, once the world's biggest concert draw, barrel across the country for the first time in five years, bass player Phil Lesh says they have Obama, and also Lesh's youngest son, Brian, to thank.

Great. Mobs of drug-addled hippies and wannabes, twirling around in endless circles to pointless jams, giggling emptily with glazed-over eyes - soon to infect a neighborhood venue near you.

Gee, thanks Barack. This is "progressive", reviving a band that's over 20 years past its prime? I mean, geez, if you were gonna raise dead rock stars, how about Stevie Ray Vaughn, John Lennon, or The Big Bopper?

Well, it's not all bad. Maybe you can send Hillary and Tim - and maybe Nancy! - on the road for a while to follow The Dead? Let them eat soy-based snacks, bathe in a pond, and wander around in the darkness for a few weeks.

After all, that's the socialist/communist future your policies have planned for us, no? Give the architects a taste first...

Hat tip: Gateway Pundit


Erica said...

I always liked the Dead, in spite of the retarded culture that follows them to all their shows instead of holding down secure jobs. But I find it unfair that they should get special attention from The One over, as you mentioned, SRV, or even Keith Moon, John Bonham, or Janis Joplin. This Administration truly sucks pond water.

The JerseyNut said...

Gross, slimy, scum-coverd, murky, foul, fetid pond water.