Saturday, April 18, 2009

NPR is Taking Notes!

Man, the way the mainstream media in America struts around - like they own the place, you know, and don't mind that, ahem, red ink! - you'd think they were the cock of the roost.

They're nothing. Pikers be they, compared to the way the BBC strongarms British citizens - by dragging them out of their homes, off to a criminal court, to failing to pay a "fee" for the privilege of watching them:

I've just watched my husband driven away in a police car. Not because he is a murderer, or a rapist or even a theif but because the T.V Licensing people decided to take him to court without informing him of that fact and getting him fined. Then, without telling him that he had been fined, they had a warrant issued for his arrest for non-payment of fines.

Can anyone say - extortion? With a nice Orwellian twist! Obama watches, and dreams of new revenue - (television taxes? by the inch? yummy...).


Thanks to those bastards, half the street now wonder what he's done, my daughter is in tears and my son is completely bewildered. Don't ever come to England if you can help it, this country is shit and this just proves it.

Yeah, lady. I'm sorry. See you in five years, we'll meet you at the bottom...

Hat tip: Biased BBC

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