Sunday, April 05, 2009

If you can't get the flippin' 5-day forecast right...

...why in the world do you think you can predict temperature changes on a global basis 20 years hence?

The New York Post conducts a long-overdue study on the accuracy of 5-day forecasts here in the world's biggest (and theoretically, most advanced) media market:

Rain or shine, you can bet that five-day forecast is usually wrong.

A Post survey of the four leading local networks found their 11 p.m. newscast meteorologists were off an average of 5 degrees in both high and low predictions for extended forecasts.

The Post found that in one instance -- March 7, which saw unseasonably warm 70-degree temps -- all four anchor forecasters were fooled, with one off by 22 degrees.

And about those computer models that we are constantly assured are infallible, you know, the ones that show global warming as an inevitability:

"The computer guidance system is good for the short range, but for the long range, you need to use your brain a bit."

...[Gregory] said they all rely on computer programs that predict the weather based on simulated weather patterns. But minor errors, say a few degrees off on the direction of a weather pattern, can wreak havoc on long-range forecasts.

So the top climetologists in the #1 market are saying that long range computer forecasting (here, long-range meaning five days) can be wildly inaccurate. Yet, Barack Obama and the United States government are trying to convince us to upend our lifestyles and submit to socialism in order to forestall the same computer-generated predictions of climate change catastrophe.

Well, if you're not already convinced this is a scam, read here. It's all been done before...

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