Thursday, April 16, 2009

Tea Party Madness in New Jersey!

Seems like even "Blue Jersey" is getting fed up with the tax-and-spend policies of the Democrats as tea parties erupted statewide today...The Garden State Patriot has photos from Hackensack and Newark (the belly of the beast itself), here's a sample:

Check out the links for tons more photos...

At the historic Morristown Green (where, at Arnold's Pub, a certain General George Washington drew up battle plans that would help a ragtag army of rebels defeat the mighty British), over 1000 modern-day revolutionaries spoke up against excessive taxation, just like in days of old.

The presence there of two Republican gubenatorial candidates led Democratic State Committee Chairman Joseph Cryan to release this ugly statement:

Joseph Cryan, in a prepared statement, blasted Christie and Lonegan for participating in events organized by what he described as "radical right wing groups designed to push the 'Party of No' agenda.

"...Christie and Lonegan have no answers to any of the problems people are facing in the middle of a national recession and would rather stump for votes from right wing extremist mobs while chanting slogans and yelling "no" "

Right Wing Extremist (as per Joe Crynan) in Morriston

Belmar, NJ:

Temperatures around 40 degrees with a cold biting wind and rain and occasional sleet didn't deter over 500 tea party teabaggers from protesting the tax and spend congress and president.

More members of the "extremist mob", here in Flemington, where hundreds of people turned out (that's between 5-10% of the tiny town's population; the equivalent 3/4 of a million NYC residents showing up) the DHS!

And the Church represents! Whoa!

In Newark, protesters chanted "Less Taxes, More Freedom!" and other anti-taxation remarks.

"We're here to get attention and let our government officials know that they have to represent us. We've been taxed enough already," said Dominick Cuozzo, a 28-year-old assistant pastor from the First Baptist Church of Caldwell.

The church's pastor, David Bulka held a sign that said, "Stop High Property Taxes, Forcing New Jersey Citizens Out."
"People can't afford to pay their mortgages, and high taxes," he said.

Scared yet, Democrats?

Good national coverage at Gateway over 10,000 show up to protest in St. Louis!


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