Friday, April 17, 2009

DHS Memo: How About That Timing!

Funny how, depite the fact that the White House claimed that Barack Obama had no idea there were "Tea Party" protests erupting all over the nation on April 15th, they seemed desperate to manage the news around it.

First, the infamous DHS memo equating conservatives with terrorists , which apparently was rushed out against the advice of civil liberties officials the day before the protests. A great tool for the media to define a protest they couldn't understand, and if they did, certainly didn't agree with (need I say more than CNN?). Not to mention giving talking points directly to useful Democratic idiots, both on the local and congressional level.

And what about the day after? Why, how about releasing top-secret memos alleging torture in the previous administration (Barack: "a dark and painful chapter in our history," )? Obama knows that's throwing red meat to the media dogs; they'd rather write about one possible Bush trangression than almost a half-million Americans out on the street protesting Obama's policies.

Not enough smoke to cover up the Tea Parties? Well, how about releasing information suggesting that the NSA had been engaged in “over-collection” of domestic communications of Americans? During the Bush administration, of course...

Nice job of smearing 49.9% of all Americans (and the previous administration) in order to keep the other 50.1% of the public in line and voting for you.

Hey, Mr. Organizer-in-Chief - you're working too hard. As I read somewhere else on the web today...if Barack Obama was the King of England in 1776, the media wouldn't have reported the Revolution....

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