Thursday, October 16, 2008

"Was It Over When The Germans Bombed Pearl Harbor?"

I can't bear the doom-and-gloom despair of some of the "conservative think tank" websites (maybe they are just smarter than me?). Despite the media's crowing at every available moment that the election is over - and can't we just put Obama into office on November 5th ?- there is plenty of evidence that this race is still quite tight; why else would Obama's minions be trying so hard to rig the election for him?

The polling is all over the place, but here's one I'd like you to see:

Obama 45%
McCain 42%
Not sure: 13%

And that's as of yesterday....

The media, too, shills for Obama like a carnival barker on a rainy summer day - not with conviction, but with panic. Why else would the New York Times put out a poll showing Obama with a 14 point lead over McCain, when no other poll even has a split half as wide? (what did they do, poll their newsroom?)

A method to the madness can be found here, in a lengthy but interesting piece on the psychology of the Democrats, the media, and pollsters:

In 2008 there is no silent majority: there is the silenced majority. The unpolled majority. The media is so pro-Obama that the views and the concerns of McCain supporters are for the most part ignored or, at best, mocked. The goal is to foster disillusionment among them, a sense of isolation. To trick the Republicans into all staying home on election day because "there's no hope of winning." Maybe the Democrats can't avoid a showdown on November 4, but if they can convince enough McCain supporters to individually "fold" and not vote at all, then Obama can carry the day.

Don't be fooled, or beaten into believing this fight is over.
An Obama victory is bad enough, a landslide that gives him a "mandate" will be disasterous.

Don't believe the hype. Take a look at the man behind the curtain. Scream out that the emperor has no clothes. Just don't take the beat-down that the Left and the media are trying to lay onto us.

Remember the wise words of one Florida blogger, reprinted here:

No matter. I will crawl over broken glass, if need be, to go vote for McCain-Palin on election day — no matter what the press or polls say. I don’t care if a Very Important & Accurate National Poll taken the night before says Obama is leading by 98 points to McCain’s 2. I don’t care if they announce a statistical confirmed victory for Obama and start papering the public walls with his picture for us to worship and salute. I’m going to vote for McCain-Palin

Get with the program, folks...fight back.

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dogette said...

Obama's camp is already putting out the "Don't get complacent now, folks" PR. I think the Obama people, moreso that McCain people, have to worry about overconfidence. That whole "Oh I have stuff to do today and Obama's way ahead anyway" attitude. Certainly doesn't hurt to hope that a lot of Obama-heads stay home this election day NOVEMBER 7.

(Hell, it's worth a try anyway. I saw Obama voters on TV who said they think there are 16 U.S. Senators, and Roe v Wade was "when the U.S. declared bankruptcy.")