Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Thanks, McCain !

Oh, John....

Your spunky VP candidate had finally done the work you had been unwilling - or unable - to do; getting the press to investigate, and talk about, the Barack Obama/Bill Ayers connections.

So - you have a national audience last night, the story about a presidential candidate's close ties to an unrepentent terrorist is finally breaking through into the public conciousness, and you beat him over the head with it, right?

No. You ignore it, like it doesn't matter. And the rest of the nation (and the media) thinks to themselves, "Well, if there was anything really behind those stories about Barack Obama's ties to radical leftists, McCain for sure would have brought it up. Guess there is no "there" there..."

You let him slip away, John, and you may have let the election slip away as well. You left Sarah Palin out to dry, you left many of your supporters staring open-mouthed, and you gave undecided voters very little to work with.

Via The Corner:

Did McCain give voters who are undecided or leaning to Obama any reason to vote for McCain?

Did McCain give his supporters any cause to be enthusiastic about him?

Did McCain open up any lines of attack that he can develop in the remaining weeks?

Did McCain give anyone any desire to watch next week’s debate?

The answer to all these questions, I think, is clearly no. So McCain’s performance was a dismal failure.

A failure that may usher in one of the most dangerous cult-like figures in American history into the Oval Office.

When did John McCain become afraid to take the gloves off and fight? Perhaps he too is not the leader I thought he was...

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knowitall said...

I don't think McCain was afraid to say what he knew about the liberal illuminati, but the media would have attacked him as being an old, bitter, and angry man.