Saturday, October 18, 2008

Saigon Shakes, Bangkok Shocks, but Sarah Rocks!

Sarah Palin draws a crowd of 20,000 to Noblesville, Indiana (just a tad more than Obama's showing the other day, I reckon), winning hearts and minds in Obama's backyard. Seems like there's plenty of swooning here too, it just doesn't get reported, because, well, she's...Sarah Palin:

Despite traffic snarls outside and long lines to get into the venue, those who listened to Palin's remarks said she did not disappoint them.

Judee Sweet, 72, Carmel, said Palin was "absolutely impressive" and would help ensure Indiana once again will vote Republican in November.
"We Hoosiers know what we want, support what we want, vote for what we want, and we want Sarah Palin and John McCain," said Sweet, wearing a homemade moose hat in honor of Palin, who has said she enjoys moose hunting.
"They're saying we may be a purple state, but when all the wash water is thrown out, we're a Republican state. Just look around!"
David Gross, 20, Lafayette, said Palin and McCain's message will resonate with Hoosiers more than Obama's ....Gross, a student at Purdue, also said the concerns Palin raised about ACORN are crucial.
"It's really a very hazy subject right now," he said. "It's very important, and we need some answers."

In the end, Palin spoke for 30 minutes on the Verizon stage, one usually reserved for rock stars. Afterward, she spent just as long shaking hands with supporters as country music played on the venue's sound system.'s that Palin smear campaign working out for you guys in the media? Just about as well as the lynching of Joe the Plumber, I'd say.

Please. Don't stop...

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