Friday, October 31, 2008

To The "Republican Elite"....

...who can't wait to either endorse Obama or point fingers of blame at culprit du jour Sarah Palin, Robert Stacy McCain explains simply why she matters, and why you do not:

...George F. Will, Ken Adelman, Frank Fukuyama, David Brooks -- these are just a few names on the list of eminent experts who have declared that Sarah Palin is what's wrong with the Republican Party.
Even if we were to add all their prestigious names to the list, however, it wouldn't be nearly as long as the line of people who stood in the cold wind of Pennsylvania to see Palin this week...

If somehow Team Maverick pulls off a historic upset, those thousands who turned out to see Palin in Pennsylvania will be a big part of that history. Win or lose, the future of the Republican Party depends on generating the kind of excitement among ordinary Americans that Palin has produced ever since her name first flashed on the Drudge Report in late August.

The Republican Party won't notice the defection of a few experts in Washington, but the GOP can't exist without all those people who love Sarah Palin in Pennsylvania and Ohio and Florida. Republicans would be wise to pay more attention to the people, and less to the experts.

My stars...have we lost also Iowahawk - I mean, T. Coddington Van Voorhees VII, to the Obama camp as well???

But there is an even more compelling reason to support Barack Obama: Sarah Palin.

If you are a conservative like me, you guffawed when you heard John McCain announced this declasse rube as a running mate, followed by good-natured applause, thinking it was some sort of whimsical campus prank he was reenacting from his Annapolis years. This was, of course, quickly followed the shock of realizing that he wasn't joking, and all that Hanoi unpleasantness had finally driven him around the bend.

Palin offers true conservatives no such extenuating graces. I mean, my God, this woman is simply awful; the elided vowels, the beauty pageantry, the guns, the crude non-Episcopal protestantism, the embarrassing porchload of children with horrifying hillbilly names, the white after Labor Day.

The idea of this dreadful woman in Washington is almost too much to contemplate. Not only would it be a fashion disaster, one can scarcely imagine the White House social calendar -- mooseburger fetes to that ghastly Joe the Plumber, perhaps followed by snow machine derbies through the Rose Garden?

Best satire of the campaign season; although I'd bet there will be at least one lefty who won't get it, and post about another "defection"...!

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