Wednesday, October 29, 2008

America's Experiment With Obama...

...may be the worst thing that has happened to this great nation since the Civil War, as far as reshaping America in a different form than what our brilliant Founders had intended.

What the hell are we doing?

The messianic style—the cosmic tug to "change history", or stop the seas from rising or the planet from heating, juxtaposed with the creepy faux-Greek columns, Michelle's "deign to enter" politics snippet, the fainting at rallies, the Victory Column mass address, the vero possumus presidential seal, and the 'we are the change we've been waiting for' mantra—reflects the omnipresent narcissism: the exalted ends of electing a prophet always justify the often crude and all too mortal means.

Is this the type of leader envisioned by the Founders? Remember George Washington - resigning after his second term so as not to be seen as the very "dynastic leader" that Obama and his cadres in the media are trying to create?

And what will we have wrought?

If America’s citizens care to wake up and pay attention before they elect as president a sweet-talking, moderate-posing left-wing ideologue with a history of alliances with anti-American radicals, one of the several matters they ought to think seriously about is the future of the Supreme Court. Simply put, the survival of the historic American experiment in representative government will be in serious jeopardy if Barack Obama is our next president….

Obama’s supporters are clamoring for “liberal lions” who will redefine the Constitution as a left-wing goodies bag, and a look at some of their leading contenders, like Yale law school dean Harold Koh (champion of judicial transnationalism and transgenderism), Massaschusetts governor Deval Patrick (a racialist extremist and judicial supremacist), and law professor Cass Sunstein (advocate of judicial invention of a “second Bill of Rights” on welfare, employment, and other Nanny State mandates), shows that there is lots of room for Obama’s nominees to be even worse than Ginsburg and Breyer.

Obama's change: The End of the American Experiment.

Is it worth throwing away all that we have worked for over the last 232 years beacuse the stock market had yet another bad October?

On November 4th, we'll see what the American people - the heirs of the wisdom of the Founders - have become...

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