Thursday, October 02, 2008

SCOOP! Tonight's Questions for Sarah Palin...

Jim Treacher has gotten his paws on 'em:

Mayor Palin, Barack Obama is a handsome, charismatic demigod. How many boxes of Kleenex will you need after your crushing loss?

Mayor, what are the names, ages, and blood types of all 71 members of the Belgian Senate? And why are you unwilling to admit that your inability to instantly produce any and every fact I demand makes you unfit to stand in the way of history?

Mayor, which is your preferred method of stifling dissent, banning books or burning them? Since it's both, please explain how you can deny the accusation that you're a fascist, which I am making now.

And some upcoming questions for Joe Biden:

Senator Biden, what is your favorite color? And if you have time for a follow-up question: Why?

Senator, you've spoken at length. Could you please continue?

Can't wait....

1 comment:

knowitall said...

Glad she held her own. I like the Governor, and she represents change, unlike the left-wing illuminati that got elected.