Saturday, October 11, 2008

The End of Capitalism is Nigh!

No, that's not the Kremlin circa 1957, it's the Washington Post, circa today, playing its role as one of the ignorant voices I mentioned yesterday.

They are softening up the ground for an Obama presidency, providing him with cover and air support for the drastic change our radical socialist plans to impose upon ths great country:

The worst financial crisis since the Great Depression is claiming another casualty: American-style capitalism...
The government's about-face goes beyond the banking industry. It is reasserting itself in the lives of citizens in ways that were unthinkable in the era of market-knows-best thinking

Note the points casually being asserted: Capitalism is already over, and a socialist-style government is already taking hold. What's insinuated? Elect Barack Obama, and let a real socialist do the job right!

And of course the Post drives home the "fact" the world hates us (again), because all of their problems are our fault (wow, that's a new thought), and incidentally, we've lost all of our credibility (again):

People around the world once admired us for our economy, and we told them if you wanted to be like us, here's what you have to do -- hand over power to the market," said Joseph Stiglitz, the Nobel Prize-winning economist at Columbia University. "The point now is that no one has respect for that kind of model anymore given this crisis. And of course it raises questions about our credibility. Everyone feels they are suffering now because of us."

How come the WaPo didn't cite all the "Nobel Prize-winning economists" who blasted Obama's tax and spend policies the other day? Don't answer, I know, let's just keep the madness rolling:

... anger is mounting over the global spillover effect of the U.S. crisis. The Korean currency, the won, has fallen sharply in recent days as corporations there struggle to find dollars in the heat of a global credit crunch....

"Derivatives and hedge funds are like casino gambling," said South Korean Finance Minister Kang Man-soo. "A lot of Koreans are asking, how can the United States be so weak?"

...."If you look around the world, China is doing pretty good right now, and the U.S. isn't," said C. Fred Bergsten, director of the Peterson Institute for International Economics. "

People are angry with us! We have no credibility! They no longer respect us, and they call us "weak"! Look at Communist China; now they've got it going on!

So - who is the one man in this election who promises to bring America closer to that Chinese, ahem, "style" of government?

Barack Hussein Obama, that's who. And when he points to the Washington Post as justification for tearing apart the economy that has been the engine of the world for the last century, you'd better believe this time the paper will not back away from its reporting...

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