Saturday, October 25, 2008

Threats and Hatred from the Obama Brigades...

...the Left has always had more hatred and bloodlust in them (see Stalin, Josef and Pot, Pol) and it runs in the blood of the Obama Nation as well. Their natural urge to silence the truth, especially if it reflects poorly on Dear Leader, can be seen as clearly now in modern-day America as it has been seen in the past in Europe and Southeast Asia.

Interestingly enough, the latest threats are all about those pesky polls:

After releasing this morning’s numbers showing McCain ahead in Ohio and Florida, the Strategic Vision polling company received several death threats through the contact e-mail on the company’s web site.

One of the messages stated:
My goodness, your polls stinks. There are 3 polls that have Obama by double digits and only yours has Obama down. WOW!. How come your poll is the only one giving Palin high favor ratings? I think you nee dto be careful tonight when you get in your car and might want to check underneath your car. SCRAP YOUR IDIOTIC POLLS OR ELSE!

Another stated:
A poll that gave Sarah Palin and Barack Obama the same favorability rating is wrong off the bat. Be careful going outside tonight because you might not see tomorrow.

A third message stated:
Why would your presidential election poll results be so drastically different from every other reputable poll taken over the same time period? Are they that dumb or are you guys that smart? Smart guys wind up dead.

No wonder the polls differ so widely - depends on who's getting the visit from Obama's henchmen on any particular day, I guess...

Long post on the perils and problems of polling here...

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