Friday, October 31, 2008

Barack, Manipulating The Mobs

Lawarence Kramer , commenting on Barack Obama:

The appeal to class warfare, to the mob voting itself largesse, is stomach-turning. I’ve heard some pretty respectable people say some pretty nice things about Obama, but I cannot for the life of me get past the idea that tax policy should be based on who is easiest to demonize. The man clearly does not want to be the President of people making more than $250k.

Something new in American politics; the appeal to the looting of your neighbor's wealth. Not to mention the elevation of envy to a moral imperative. What does the bible say about "Love thy...." and "Do not covet thy...."? Ah, it doesn't matter. We have Barack Obama now, and he'll rewrite the rules of decency for us.

Incidentally, perhaps someone ought to remind Mr. Obama that his ability to master the emotions of large crowds is not something that remains in perpetuity? The mob is fickle, as it is said, and one only needs to view a certain picture of Mussolini to realize how quicky it take to go from Il Duce to....well, somewhat less popular, let us say.

But I keep hearing how smart Senator Obama is, so he knows what he's doing....right? Yeah, and maybe that's what scare me...

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