Thursday, October 02, 2008

Maureen Dowd: Dumped!

Well, if John McCain had to get his revenge on one member of the media, how delicious that it should be the spectacularly untalented Maureen Dowd of the New York Times. Here's the way the story is currently being told right now; via Dr. Melissa:

Yesterday, leftist columnist Maureen Dowd was told she was no longer welcome on McCain’s campaign plane and had to go home with her tail between her legs.

Rather amusingly, she was dumped in the middle of Pennsylvania, too. After an August 30 rally in Washington, PA, she was told she could not get back on the plane. The rest of the press corps loaded up and off they flew leaving poor Mo standing there in shock.

McCain knows that he cannot even breathe without Dowd calling it a crime against humanity so that makes her a perfectly legitimate target for dismissal. There is just no expectation of fairness with a Maureen Dowd.

Although Dowd is not taken very seriously by most thinking people, the old fighter pilot knows a "high-value target" when he sees one; and he must have greatly enjoyed sweeping this old bird off her perch with one fell swoop.

Perhaps more actions like this ought to be taken - not to limit access as much as to guarantee candidate coverage to media people who have a track record of unbiased coverage. That might help "incentivize" reporters to be more truthful and balanced, knowing it would earn them better access to privileged information.

The other option is capitulation, which is discussed at length here.

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knowitall said...

Way to go John. The liberal illuminati did the same thing on theirs, so there should be no media bias on this issue.