Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Global Warming, My Ass!

The scene from my deck in Central Jersey yesterday:

Looking at the picture, I was wondering what kept striking me as so off about it. Then it hit me - it was seeing the snow in the foreground, with trees in full autumn color in the backround.
Sorry, maybe it's just a Northeast thing, but I am used to seeing bare trees in the backround in my "winter wonderland" photos. Can't ever remember this much snow pre-Halloween (not counting my self-imposed exile to Chicago many years back)....

With the price of gas dipping close to $2- a gallon, and winter coming six weeks early, will President Obama still "change America" by forcing drastic carbon reductions at a drastic price to our economy to fulfill his liberal agenda, regardless of, you know, whether it's actually true?

Is that a stupid question?

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GardenStatePatriot said...

You stole my thunder on this one! Looks like global warming is ova!!