Friday, October 24, 2008

Wanna "Kill" Sarah Palin? A-OK in Brooklyn !

Ah, "progressives". I see them all the time in New York City; noses held a bit higher, quoting from Smugopedia, wearing "Obama" pins with a look that says, "C'mon, just try to challenge me and my button!"...a brave attitude in a city where 90% of the population has got your philosophical back...

As we all know, artists are the vanguard of the progressive movement, celebrated and understood in a way that simple, base, conservatives could never wrap their minds around. And maybe that's why I can't understand this - via Pagen Power:

Imagine for a moment that you have an opportunity to pretend you are killing Sarah Palin. Would you do it? Would it be cool with your morals? After all, it’s only imaginary.
Well an artist in New York City has thought all this through and decided that shooting Sarah or her daughter Piper might just be great fun. This woman has made it possible for passersby to line up with a gun and pretend they are doing just that. What’s the harm? It’s only make believe.

Yeah, well. Imagine the outcry from the media if we were pointing that gun at Obama's image, or had a diorama with an Obama doll, a white hood, and a noose. The media would be screaming in full throat about the racist right.

But to pretend your are killing the Vice Presidential candidate, who may be the first woman to obtain high office? A-OK with the MSM.


Because the Left (and the media, and much of the elected Democrats in power) hate for hate's sake. Sarah Palin represents an existential threat (successful career woman/mom living by conservative values), one that liberals cannot rationally argue against - without simultaneously burying their own Supreme Leader - so, like haters throughout history, they dehuminize her so their bile is more palatable (just like the Germans did to the....).

She's a hick. A redneck. An idiot. Evil. Dumb. Unqualified. She doesn't even count as a woman - after all, she's a conservative woman - therefore, is nothing wrong at all to act out her murder in public (in front of her daughter, also in the picture).

And we are about to put the very people who appreciate this "art" into control of all three brances of our government.

Remember: First they came for Sarah Palin...

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