Friday, October 10, 2008

Blue-State Sports Columnist Turns Purple Over A Red Pennsylvania !

Ah, there's no media idiocy like the idiocy that comes from sports columnists with a political vendetta, even when it comes from the New York Post's hockey icon, Larry Brooks. And guess who he is all worked up about, who is a disgrace to the game of hockey?

That's right, Sarah mom/devil incarnate:

"Palin's Puck Drop Shameful"

Tomorrow night, when the Flyers play their home opener against the Rangers, Gov. Sarah Palin will drop the ceremonial first puck in what Snider's team is positioning as an homage to hockey moms.
This is how the participation of the Republican Party's nominee for vice president was portrayed in a press release late Wednesday afternoon.

...he is intent on transforming a sports arena into the political arena. He is creating an environment in which partisan politics, not hockey rooting interest, might well create dangerous disruption in the stands. This is behavior worthy of league sanctions.

Why do liberals always threaten us with someone else's violence if the other side is not silenced? Besides, Brooks is mistaking the Wachovia Center fans for his newsroom pals. Fans of hockey - a sport that magically intertwines speed and grace with moments of sheer blinding violence - are not known to be overwhelming liberal, to say the least.

Now, here's the horror of horrors:

The Flyers' colors have historically been orange and black. The owner is now attempting to use this storied franchise in order to turn his home state red. if it was Joe Biden, famous hockey fan, who was dropping the puck at center ice, perhaps you wouldn't feel


Anonymous said...

Best post title of the week...worthy of a NY Post cover!

Jim - PRS said...

Great post. The final sentence is solid gold.

knowitall said...

I will never understand why the citizens of this state wanted to put the left-wing illuminati into office, and they all called them bitter and racist.