Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Interviewing Barack Obama

I've always maintained that choosing whom to vote for in a presidential election - essentially every citizen's opportunity to have a say in naming the chief executive of the United States - should be somewhat thought of as a job interview; with the overarching aim being answering the question, "Can this person run my business/country"?

At MoreMonmouthMusings, a commentor lays out the argument the way one would for any potential job candidate, and the process itself is quite revealing. I'll give you a bit, click the link for the rest:

So let me see, Mr. Obama....

....You'd like us to hire you.

1. You never did this job before;
2. Of the last 44 people we've hired for this job, you have the least experience, in fact, you only had one year of experience doing anything any of them did when you applied for the job;
3. You have associations that, frankly, are very bad for our company, and in fact, are considered a security risk;
4. Your wife has publicly announced that the only thing she's ever liked about our company in her entire adult life is that we were considering hiring you;
5. In the job you have now, the only thing you've done so far is to sign your name to other workers' ideas, your fellow senators, and claim those ideas were yours because you "sponsored" them;
6. In your last job, aside from missing an awful lot of work, when decisions had to be made, you voted "present" over 100 times, leaving other people to make the decision -- you do understand that this is a CEO job you're applying for, where the buck stops at your door?.....

8. When the other person seeking this job publicly stated that he was opposed to that Freddie/Fannie project that has hurt this company so badly, you supported it and your associates even claimed that opposing it waa somehow or other racist -- a word your supporters
seem to be using today to attack anyone who dares suggest you're not qualified for this position....

10. You expect me to trust you and that you'll follow through on all your promises to help this country and the shareholders, when you don't seem to have been honest about anything you've told us so far, including your associations with people trying to hurt this company, your past accomplishments, your early childhood, or virtually anything else you've said.

Me - I would show this "candidate" the door, politely, and shake my head as he departed, wondering whatever could have made him think he was capable of handling the job in the first place.

Instead, it looks like he will be welcomed into the White House as our next President, Chief Executive, Commander in Chief.

Good grief.

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