Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Messiah Meets a Tough Crowd...

....and the media slips into its code word/dog whistle mode:

'Socialist,' 'Muslim'Ugly reception for Obama

Obama arrived at the barbecue joint around 12:30 p.m., where an older and majority white clientele of several dozen were eating lunch after church services. Many patrons applauded as he walked into the diner, but Diane Fanning, 54, began yelling “Socialist, socialist, socialist — get out of here!”

Yet, the majority of these ignorant racists seemed to have well-thought out reasons for their lack of genuflection before the Messiah:

Lenox Bramble told Reuters’ pooler that he wasn’t voting for Obama because he didn’t think he had enough experience. Bramble’s wife, Kit, 75, said after meeting Obama, “He was very nice,” but added she’d been a conservative Republican since Barry Goldwater’s era and said she wouldn’t vote for Obama.
Fanning said she’d heard that former Secretary of State Colin Powell had endorsed Obama but said that “Colin Powell is a RINO, R-I-N-O, Republican In Name Only..."

Pastor Bremer... said that he would pray for Obama but that he planned to vote for McCain, mostly because he prefers smaller government and McCain’s position on the Iraq war. He thinks there have been important gains in Iraq, and “I don’t want to see that damaged by a premature pullout.”

Seems like reasoned, rationale decision making by informed citizens, no? Uh, no, if you believe our mind reading pool reporter and absorb his slanted adjectives:

But some of the other older white diners looked surprised and slightly uncomfortable as Obama stopped at their tables to shake hands. “I’m surprised, but I’m not going to say anything else,” said Pat Smith, who was joined by her husband.

I take it she's surprised Obama would look for votes in a conservative stronghold such as Fayetteville, NC (and wouldn't McCain get flack if he campaigned hand-to-hand in Haight-Asbury? Flack, at the least. Spittle, most likely. Media reports would claim he brought it on himself...). But our intrepid reporter prefers his unspoken analysis, that Pat Smith was "suprised" because Obama dared to show up where the white folk were at.

Evidence? None.

Not necessary, when the assumption fits the narrative.

In Barack Obama's America - with the help of a Soviet-style, compliant media - we are all racists now.

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