Saturday, October 04, 2008

Sarah Palin, Conservatives, and ''Pornification"

'tis rare for this site to link to Glamour, but when the subject is Ms. Palin, all things are considered...

The author, Miss Amanda Carpenter, makes a valid point: why are female conservatives fair game to be debased sexually, when such behavior would provoke outrage should it be directed at a liberal female?

There's a price to pay for conservative politicians like Sarah Palin who don't swath themselves in pantsuits, wear stylish open-toe shoes and refuse to cut their hair into mannish crops. Apparently part of that price is that, on the very day we should be focusing on Sarah Palin's forthcoming vice presidential debate performance, we learn that porn-peddler Larry Flynt has shot an X-rated adult film starring a Sarah Palin lookalike.

Yesterday I read about a Chicago tavern that's hanging up nude Palin paintings. And no, painter Bruce Elliot isn't a fan of her political leanings, he just likes Palin's hot bod. If that's not disturbing enough, Elliot's daughter posed naked as his Palin look-alike muse.

It happens to lots of conservative women I know, like Michelle Malkin, Ann Coulter and the rest. It happened to me in college when a graduate student photoshopped pornography of me and put it on the internet because of the conservative work I was doing on campus. We know it's par for the course. I would hope that all women would be outraged by this, but people seem to care less when this kind of dirt is directed towards conservative women. I bet this causes less uproar than when the Washington Post's Style section discussed Hillary Clinton's cleavage.

Simply put, conservative women who don't hide their femininity are forced to pay a price.....

I guess they deserve it, like they used to say about provocatively dressed woman....

Anyway, Amanda is right, and these two examples do not even scratch the surface - what about Sandra Bernhard's gleeful anticipation of a rape of our VP candidate?

More sickness from the left, in the "person" of Susie (not so) Bright:

...there's this little part of me that's thinking "Oh, If only she was on my side. If only I could kidnap Sarah Palin and just lick her ***** for a few hours, I think we could just work this whole thing out."

Just like the lowest type of guy, who faced with unrequited love and harnoring a simmering mysogonistic hatred, will say, "if only I could **** her, I'd make her love me". Except when it comes from the left and is targeted at a successfule female conservative - then it ain't low, it's well-thought out commentary.

There's more of it out there, and it speaks much about the mindset of the liberal movement - free speech is great, but disagree with leftist canons, and heck - kidnap, rape, and obscene photoshopping is great too!

Just wait till they gain power...

UPDATE 10/5: Nice op-ed in the Sunday Daily News...


Anonymous said...

The problem is, this doesn't only happen to conservative women.

This happens to liberal women. And independent women. And neocon women. And flaxseed-chewing hippie green women. Basically, it happens to women, full stop.

And yes, there are plenty of leftie liberal tree-huggers who are absolutely outraged at the way Sarah Palin is being treated. But you don't *read* the feminist blogs, so you don't see them. :)

Don't confuse the 'liberal movement' with the 'asshole movement'. A lot of those sexist assholes couldn't tell you the difference between liberal and conservative policy even if you gave them a stack of cue cards.

Jim - PRS said...


This is not a snarky request. Would you please point us to some of the feminist blogs to which you referred.


knowitall said...

If Palin would have sat there and said nothing, the GOP would not have respected her as not only a woman, but a candidate at all. It was okay when the liberal illuminati women politicians go on the attack.