Sunday, October 26, 2008

"Democrats Win On Panic..."

Kyle Smith illuminates us:

Five times in the past century, control of the White House flipped from the Republicans to the Democrats. In 1932 and 1960 the economy was contracting. In 1992 and 1976 the economy was hungover from a recession that ended, in both cases, in March of the previous year. In November of 1912, the economy was between a recession that ended the preceding January and one that would begin the following January.

When Republicans took the White House from Democrats in 1952, 1968, and 2000, it had been three, seven and nine years since the last recession. Republicans can win on likeability, on sturdiness, on values. Democrats win on panic.

Reminds me of a certain European country, in the late '30's...economic conditions were terrible, the government was dysfunctional, the people were told that their country was humiliated, there seemed to be nowhere to turn...

Then a charismatic young figure showed up, an "outsider" of sorts, who told them their nation's pride could be restored, that they were truly a good and great people, and there was enough monies to be looted from minorities as to help alleviate the fiscal crisis.

The people thought. Sure - this guy spent many years outside of the country, but he appears to love it. Sure, he hates the Jews, but hey - who doesn't? And sure, he seems a bit intolerant of democracy and civil liberties, but hey - he'll be cool once he assumes power. And what a great speaker! Wow! Anyone who speaks that well can't be all bad, right?

We used to wonder how "they" could have elected such a person. Now "we" are about to do the very same thing...

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