Thursday, September 06, 2012

When You Start The Day Booing God And Jerusalem... would think you've got nowhere to go but up, right?

Not at the DNC, which started off ugly, and stayed there.

The media, which informed you that Todd Akin's "legitimate rape" comment revealed the soul of the Republican party, won't tell you that the heckling of Israel and God at the DNC was a window into the soul of the Democrats.   That's OK, though -  on a visceral level, Americans understood what they saw yesterday:

Somehow, it did get worse.  Debbie Wasserman Schultz, busted for lying twice yesterday, rattled off four lies in such quick succession yesterday that even the normally-sympathetic Anderson Cooper declared she was living in "an alternate universe". That's the Democratic National Committee Chairwoman we're talking about, by the way.  Was she selected to make Obama look honest in comparison?  She might in fact be the only one capable of doing so...

Debbie eventually cancelled the remainder of her media appearances yesterday and went into hiding:

Blair Miller of WSOC TV, ABC’s Charlotte, N.C., affiliate, also tweeted that Wasserman Schultz cancelled her interview with him, without explanation. “After my Romney intv today, we were planning to interview @DWSTweets live,” he wrote. “However, she did not show up. Her staff not answering calls.”

While this was going on, the Chairman of the South Carolina Democratic Party compared Republican Gov. Nikki Haley to Adolf Hitler’s mistress Eva Braun. Reached by the media after calls from both parties for an apology, Harpootlian said he isn’t backing down.

“Hell no. What am I apologizing for?”

If you have to explain...still, that makes three Nazi accusations by the Democrats in two days.  What's the record?

The nation got a look at Elizabeth Warren -  the self-proclaimed intellectual force behind the "Occupy" movement, as well as the originator of the "You didn't build that" meme - and turned away.  Ann Althouse:

When the crowd chanted "Warren, Warren," it sounded like "boring, boring." What was boring was mainly what was boring about so many of the other speeches. So much talk about economic opportunity, with no noticeable plan for furthering it, other than statements about how other people out there — not you! — ought to pay their "fair share" of taxes...

And, of course, we got an eyeful of Sandra Fluke, who is for the Democrats the epitome of femininity - a perpetual student with a chip on her shoulder, whining about not having enough money to get laid as often as she likes.  Hey Sandra - now you know what it's like to be a man!

...And look like one! Hot? Not!

Finally, we get 'ol Scratch himself, Bill Clinton.  Jen Rubin put herself through the ordeal:

Bill Clinton, don’t get me wrong, was the best speaker Wednesday night. But that is largely because the rest of the evening was atrocious. Clinton was hoarse, and he seemed to holler for no reason at all. He decried those meanie Republicans of today (the favorite ploy of partisan Democrats is to praise every Republican no longer in office), and he repeated the tropes that Republicans want you to be on your own, want a “winner-take-all” society and want to help only the rich. Yawn.

...Like every other Democratic speaker, Clinton ignored the appalling increase in poverty under this president , a cynical betrayal of liberals’ supposed concern for the poor. No empathy or bitten lip is shown for them, or for the more than 8 percent of unemployed Americans...

...After listening to him march through endless policy details, the crowd in Charlotte seemed to tire, and as he continued well past 11 p.m., the TV audience certainly may have drifted off. The speech went on and on and on, likely sending all but the fawning media off to bed...

 did not have...oh, wait....

They will marvel over Michelle's speech, and paw over Slick Willie's, despite the fact neither offered original ideas or credible defenses of the president's record.

But will Barack be able to pull that off tonight?  Or will it just be more pulp (fiction)?

Well, the bar has been set pretty low already.  But the trajectory of this convention is negative.  Obama's zenith was on Election Day 2008; his nadir might be in just over 12 hours...

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