Sunday, September 02, 2012

The Media Seems To Be..."Marching" To The Same Tune

Dan Riehl points out some oddly similar verbiage across multiple media outlets when reporting the president's most recent taxpayer-funded campagin swing:

President Barack Obama embarked on a four-day march through battleground states and the storm-battered Gulf Coast …

President Obama embarking on march to party convention

President Barack Obama is embarking on a four-day march through battleground states

Obama embarks on march to party convention

Riehl suggests, and I concur completely, that the use of the word "march" is an attempt to create an image in the reader's mind of Obama as a gritty, brave civil rights reformer going up against forces of racism and stupidity in order to deliver a larger Truth.  A sort of Martin Luther King and Jesus Christ rolled in one, as it were. With a touch of Abe Lincoln, of course.  Honest Abe emancipated the slaves, and Barack Obama is going to  From what, exactly, neither he or the media seems willing to tell us.

Hint, hint...

The media is following the Democratic party line, and attempting to make the 2012 presidential race about...race.  And Mitt Romney's tax returns.  And if they have to call every truth a lie, and every lie the truth, well...discrediting their entire profession in order to subvert it to the needs of Barack Obama is no vice.

And why do I feel this will get worse before it  gets better?

And why do I believe (naively, as I have been told) that the role these irrational actors play in the nation's decision-making process will begin to diminish at an ever-increasing rate?

Watch the polls.  The legit ones...

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