Wednesday, September 19, 2012

John Hinderaker Wakes Up To The Menace That Is Yahoo News

Welcome to the club, John.  Or maybe you've just been reading this blog.  The Godfather of Powerline writes:

...the fact is that the impact of such news outlets has been surpassed by internet sites that traffic in soft news. Soft, but predominantly liberal. The foremost such site is Yahoo News. In this ranking of news sites, Yahoo News is first, with CNN, MSNBC, Google News and the New York Times trailing well behind.

...we should take incompetence at Yahoo News seriously–just as seriously as we take incompetence at the New York Times or Washington Post, in fact much more so.

John fails to mention - or make the connection between - Yahoo News' insane liberal bias and the folks that run it, like their recently-fired Washington bureau chief, David Chalian. You remember him - he's the guy who sneered during the Republican convention that Mitt and Ann Romney are"happy to have a party when black people drown...”

That's whose shaping the news at Yahoo, John. And it ain't "soft news/soft liberalism", either - Yahoo knows their place, and have gleefully taken it upon themselves to lead the charge in what Professor Jacobson calls Operation Demoralize.

Not sure? Here's what was leading their home page, just over an hour ago:

With a link to Esquire, no less - that bastion of hard journalism.  And they both can't wait to tell you it's over:

Three in four Americans feel they have little or nothing in common with Mitt Romney, while nearly 60 percent feel the same way about President Barack Obama, according to an Esquire/Yahoo! News poll.

In the wake of Romney's remarks dismissing nearly half of Americans as self-identified victims who are dependent on government—videotaped at a donor event earlier this year and posted online this week by Mother Jones magazine—these new numbers are more bad news for a candidate struggling to connect with ordinary Americans...

Further complicating the Republican ticket's image problem is that a Romney presidency is viewed as significantly more beneficial to wealthy Americans than a second Obama term would be...

Mitt's so finished that he's in a dead heat with Obama in virtually every poll taken over the last 24 hours.  Not for lack of Yahoo's trying, though...

But I hope John Hinderaker shines a spotlight on Yahoo's journalistic malfeasance.  We've been at it for a while here, but our 700-800 visits per day do not match up with Powerline's traffic.

If you want to do some research, can find my beefs  herehere,  here here and here, and here and here...and here.   (This one is my most recent favorite, though).

Join the party.  We've already got one head - Chalain's - but the beast that is Yahoo still writhes....

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