Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Your Hard-Hitting Media At Work!

Getting to the bottom of the big stories at the DNC, they are.  The WaPo's Dana Milbank(!?!) reports on the debasement of his profession (even if he doesn't quite see it that way):

Mike Allen was interviewing President Obama’s confidant Valerie Jarrett.

“He’s a human being and he likes to laugh,” Jarrett disclosed.

Allen asked if it’s true that “they’re incredible parents.”

“They’re absolutely amazing,” Jarrett confirmed.

“The young ladies have turned out to be remarkably normal, right?”

“They are very normal.”

Milbank should have put scare quotes around the word "interviewing".  But perhaps he too is in a daze:

I’ve had my deltoids massaged in candlelight by a licensed therapist; had a foaming pore cleanser and mask applied to my face by an aesthetician; been instructed in the Warrior, Half-Sun Salute and Dancer poses by a yoga instructor; and crawled into a hanging cocoon for a “meditative snooze.” I worked up quite an appetite doing all this, so I ordered vegan corn chowder and gluten-free chicken chile verde washed down with Fiji water — all courtesy of the Huffington Post.

...Do not be deceived by all that talk of delegates and floor speeches: This is a convention of the media, by the media and for the media. There are some 15,000 representatives of the media here for the convention, and only about 5,000 delegates.

...and they get their stories straight and their biases aligned while enjoy amenities most middle-class workers will never see in their lifetimes.  At which point these powdered and pampered elites will pretend to be writing on our behalf.  And if you dare suggest that their vision of the world may be a bit skewed, expect to be labeled an idiot by the folks at the complementary vegan buffet...

“It’s like spring break out there, and this is like the cool party everybody wants to get into”

No wonder they refer to us as "the little people"...

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