Monday, September 24, 2012

Barack "Phat Cash" Obama Whips Out Quite The Wad... they used to say in the old neighborhood, "nobody earns that kind of money honestly"...

Via the Daily Mail:

Mr Obama pulled out a wad of bills that looked almost large enough to make a dent in the national debt as he browsed for pork treats alongside Milwaukee mayor Tom Barrett.

Irony alert, as the article quotes Obama from earlier the same day:

'The country doesn't succeed when only the folks at the very top are doing well,' he said. 'We succeed when the middle class is doing well.'

Well, Mr. President, is sure as shit seems like you are making out just fine.  How about spreading around some of that "pocket cash" to the folk sin the middle class who are struggling and suffering from your policies?

Sometimes, that type of action is called "charity".  Ask Mitt Romney, he can teach you a thing or two about it...

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