Thursday, September 27, 2012

Michelle Obama Raises Money With A Jersey "Truther"...

...although I am admittedly redefining the term here.  "Truther" not in the 9/11 sense,'ll see.

Via Fausta, we learn that Michelle was in town to rub elbows with the Princeton alums, and collect $10,000 a head from those who wished to do so.  But some of the particulars are interesting

Representatives from the Obama national campaign office in Chicago and the New Jersey office did not respond to requests for comment to discuss the fundraiser, due to be held at the home of Andrew and Carol Golden.

Mr. Golden runs the company that manages the $17 billion endowment fund of Princeton University, while Ms. Golden works for Corner House, the local substance abuse program. She also is the chairwoman of the board of trustees of the Mercer County chapter of Planned Parenthood.

The couple are donors to Democrat politicians and causes, with Ms. Golden having given $11,000 to Texans for Truth, a group that challenged former President George W. Bush’s service in the Texas National Guard, election records showed. She declined to comment last month about the fundraiser.

Of course, it turns out that George W. Bush was telling the truth all along about his National Guard Service, and the only ones duped were CBS, Dan Rather, and the New York Times.  And, apparently, Ms. Carol Golden, friend of Michelle Obama...

A few more juicy tidbits...seems as if a public park next to the Golden residence was shut down, in order to be turned into a parking lot for the politically well-connected:

A public park right next to Golden’s house was closed for the event, and the police blocked off the road when Obama’s motorcade arrived.

According to a valet parker at the event, staff were told that about 350 people would be attending. Of those, 20 were classified as VIPs and received valet parking service. All other attendees had to park their cars in the public park next door.

Yeah, yeah...the little people, and all that.

More interesting, though, is this:

“We need you to head over to Pennsylvania,” she told 230 people gathered in a white tent. “Get in the car, drive on over to Pennsylvania for a few days or a weekend to help get out the vote in that state.”

An odd thing to say about the Commonwealth of PA. Especially if one believes the "polls" the media is spinning these days.

Also odd:

Neither party has done much public campaigning in New Jersey, which is likely to go to the Democrats on Nov. 6. But campaigns have raised more than $5 million each in the moneyed state, with the president ahead by about $200,000.

Does that mean that the vote is about to be evenly split as well in the Garden State?  Unlikely.  But it sure seems to indicate there are a lot of people in Jersey ponying up the dough to make sure Mitt Romney is in the ring, punching 'till the end.  A lot more than we saw backing the Republican in 2008.

No wonder Michelle is reduced to raising money from the village (well, Princeton Village) idiots.  The Obama campaign - much like our erstwhile Libyan embassy - is in much deeper trouble than the media is letting on...

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