Thursday, September 20, 2012

RIP, American Entrepreneur...

Via Jen Rubin, we see the entrepreneurial spirit - once a great propeller of people upwards into the next socioeconomic class - has been crushed:

The state of entrepreneurship in the United States is, sadly, weaker than ever. "There are fewer new firms being formed today than two years ago when the recession ended. . . . . Job creation at new firms was at an all-time low in 2009 of 2.8 million, then fell again a year later by 250,000 jobs. As background on the issue of startup jobs, there was no good way to measure them without using a proxy of jobs created at small companies, but small companies are overwhelmingly older.”

You wanna know why nobody in their right mind wants to set up a new business?  This guy, the mouthpiece for the "progressive" movements, bares all in less than 140 characters.  Via Stacey McCain:

The "myth of ownership", indeed.  Why invest the blood, sweat, tears, and money to build it, if someone else can simply take it?

And note the new flag being proffered by Yglesias's spiritual guru.  We are no longer pledging allegiance to the Republic, for which it stands.  We are now one nation divisible, under Barack Obama, who believes in wealth confiscation and redistribution.

The last two images explain the disappearance of the American entrepreneur - once a proud moniker for the bearer, now a badge of shame affixed by those who seek to use shame and guilt and the subtle threat of violence to take what they could not create on their own, but covet in order to remain in power.

Makes sense. Why risk anything at all in a society that seeks to punish success and subsidize failure?

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