Friday, September 21, 2012

Conan O'Brien Brings The Hate

Comedic licence is one thing, but...just making shit up out of the whole cloth?

Some of the ugly low lights from last night

Have you been reading about this? People are saying the Mitt Romney has looking extremely tan fact, if Romney gets any darker, he's not going to vote for himself!

Some people are saying Mitt Romney is using self-tanner to pander to Latino voters.. 

In the latest release from the secret videotape, Mitt Romney implies that immigrants who come to America have no skills (audience boos)..Except the one who knew how to push the record button on the camera! (roar of approval from crowd)

The first crack implies Romney is a racist, an accusation that even some of his worst detractors won't make. The second is a baseless claim (notice how Conan repeatedly says "some people"?  Who are they, exactly, outside of his crack writing staff?), part of a longer joke that includes riding around Latino neighborhoods with a Chihuahua.

The third is really shocking.  I don't recall Romney bad-mouthing illegals on the "secret videotape".  And the cameraman was James Carter, grandson of Jimmy Carter.  An immigrant?  What the hell is Conan talking about?

Conan wanted to portray Mitt Romney as a racist, had zero proof, so just made some shit up, and got what he deserved - some cheap laughs at the expense of his integrity.  But one wonders who might have heard this  garbage, and assumed that it was true?  It's not like the media is going to any lengths to portray& Romney otherwise.

Of course, all of this presupposes anyone was even watching Conan last night...

Here's the clip:

Conan should think twice about making baseless accusations against good men. Remember what happened to Harry Reid?

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