Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Michelle Speaks; Media Falls In Love All Over Again

Having still not learned the lesson that the rest of the nation seems to have already absorbed - the disconnect between the Obama's lofty rhetoric and their incompetent, mean-spirited style of governing - media talking heads swooned, buckled at the knees, and yes, tingled when Michelle Obama spoke at the DNC last night.  Some reactions to her speech:

CNN's Wolf Blitzer: "The First Lady not hitting a home run, but probably a Grand Slam."

NBC's Chuck Todd:  "Michelle Obama owned this convention in a way that no speaker owned the convention in Tampa."

CNN analyst David Gergen:  "If they have two more nights like this, they can probably break this race open."

MSNBC's Rachel Maddow: "Oh my god."

MSNBC's Ed Schultz: "Tonight we were reintroduced to a star."

CNN analyst Donna Brazille: "Love is in the air."

Let's ignore Maddow, Schultz, and Brazille - lazy liberal race-baiters, all.  'Now ol Wolfie over at CNN may be right in his analysis, but does it apply to the crowd in Charlotte, or to the American people, who have seen Michelle take 16 expensive vacations in the last 3+ years, while trying to wrest control of our kid's schooling and diet from us?  It may have been a grand slam, but how many runs are the Obama's actually down at this point in the game, anyway?

As for the repulsive Chuck Todd, well, I am not sure if Michelle's adoration in Charlotte was really more forceful than the Paul Ryan love we saw from the RNC crowd in Tampa.  Michelle's plea - like Ann Romney - was emotional, not intellectual.  I realize that is how liberals function, but it appears that Todd has no understanding of the way the more complex conservative brain operates.

Gergen is guilty of wishful thinking.  He's hoping for a convention bounce and an election next Tuesday.  Again, he's projecting his own excitement at the festivities to the nation at large, who are likely suffering right now just a wee bit more than Mr. Gergen is.  Deep in his heart, David probably knows that - but like an  ardent football fan, he sees one garbage-time touchdown, and thinks his team can score three the last two minutes.

Gergen's remark reminds me of a similar sentiment uttered by the inane duo of Barbara Walters and Joy Behr after Seal Team Six killed Osama bin Laden:

BARBARA WALTERS: And great credit to this President.

BRIAN ROSS: It was a brilliant operation.

JOY BEHAR: We love our president! We love him.

WALTERS: I would hate now to be a Republican candidate thinking of running.

BEHAR: They should- As Elisabeth always says, they should just skip the next election.

Sorry Barbara, Joy and David.  Unlike you lefties, we conservative ain't quitters, and we can't be convinced to, either, especially when we're in the lead.  So there's gonna be an election in 2012 after all, and it will ride on more than a speech by Michelle Obama and one successful military operation (ask George Bush I how well that works out).

Unlike the media, Americans may yet not get fooled again by a pair of silver-tongued Lotharios

But enjoy the moment.  It may turn out to be your high point...


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