Saturday, September 08, 2012

Overheard in New York: Limousine Liberal Edition

Overheard... is a great website, I don't get there often enough.  But some of the random exchanges caught for posterity reveal a bit more about the disconnect between how the average New Yorker acts, and how they vote (down-the-ticket Democrat).  Like this one:

Kid:  Mommy, when am I going to turn nine?

Mother: Honey, don't be silly... If you don't know that, then I'm sending you back to public school.

--Fairway Market, Brooklyn

Of course, if they vote Democratic often enough, eventually their kids will be going to public school whether they like it or not.  Alas, once they figure that out, it will be too late.  And somehow, it will be George Bush's fault.

Somewhat similar disconnects here, and here...


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