Monday, May 09, 2011

What are they teaching in New York's most exclusive public schools? Teabagging!

....and no, not the homo-erotic type.  Let's see with whom we're dealing with first:

What is Bard High School Early College (BHSEC)?

The mission of BHSEC is to provide a rigorous course of study that emphasizes thinking through writing, discussion, and inquiry. This alternative to the traditional high school is founded on the belief that many young people are ready and eager to do serious college work at age sixteen. Based on the premise that these young adults' ambition to learn must be taken seriously, BHSEC's four-year program enables highly motivated students to earn a New York State high school Regents diploma and a tuition-free Bard College associate's degree in four year.
And how are the teachers and professors opening the minds of these young, impressionable students?  With left-wing vitriol and hatred, of course.  Noticed this little exchange on Overheard in New York; it was obviously submitted due to the sexual faux pas, but it hints at what's being taught at these exclusive yet taxpayer-funded schools:

Stately, learned history professor: There's this new part of the right wing called the tea baggers. (class laughs) Oh, I meant the tea party. I guess that shows where my modern interests are at.
--Bard High School Early College

Overheard by: Not a tea party member

Well, no doubt about that. After all, you're liberal elites in training.  And your teachers are narrow-minded bigots, referring to one of the most successful politcal movements in decades with a sexual epitath. Let's see how that works out for you.   And the city of New York....

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Anonymous said...

I'm in complete agreement with your scintillating analysis of the professors in our taxpayer-funded schools. Of course, if this is the freudian slip that you are suggesting, our nation's young and impressionable minds will need a place in which they can learn who, exactly, Freud is, and I'm sure that whatever fine institution you would establish in BHSEC's place would be able to provide ample background into the history of psychology. Unfortunately, as everyone who has read Overheard in New York knows, the entire city is doomed to a life of lust, sodomy, and bigotry, all three of which are exemplified in your aforementioned quote. Better that we return to simpler times, when people were taught not to hate, but rather, to share smallpox blankets with love, kindly ban others from using the same water fountains, and pump thousands of private dollars from a select few into extremist political groups that pose as representatives of the people and are oxymoronic in nature.