Friday, May 13, 2011

In Greenland, They Love Their Global Warming!

And why not? Hey - I would love to see palm trees lining 5th Avenue the way they do on Rodeo Drive myself.  So who would mind if a few thousands indigenous people finally escaped Arctic conditions to live a better, richer, healthier, more fulfilling life?

American liberals, that's who.  Because those folks in their offices in Washington DC and in their townhouses on Manhattan's Upper West Side know what's best for everyone, everywhere.

And is it surprising that the #1 busybody is Ms. Hillary Rodham Clinton?
 Few places on Earth have seen starker changes in weather than this icebound island straddling the Arctic Circle. With that in mind, America’s top diplomat arrived here this week intent on calling attention to the perils of climate change.

The problem was that Greenlanders aren’t exactly complaining.
In fact, as Secretary of State of Hillary Rodham Clinton toured snow-covered fjords on Thursday, there were awkward reminders of Greenland’s embrace of the rise in temperatures that began two decades ago.  Rather than questioning global warming, many of this island’s 60,000 inhabitants seem to be racing to cash in.
The tiny capital of Nuuk is bracing for record numbers of visitors this year; theretreating sea ice means a longer tourist season and more cruise ships from the United States. Hunters are boasting of more and bigger caribou, and the annual cod migration is starting earlier and lasting longer.
In the far south, farmers are trying their hand at an exotic form of agriculture: growing vegetables.
“Before, the growing season was too short for vegetables,” said Noah Melgaard, a local journalist. “Now it is getting longer each year.”

But Hillary knows was best for the Greenlanders, like she knows what's best for everyone.  After all, she's too smart to be wrong, and if you ask her why the United States has moved so slowly on enacting job-killing global warming legislation, why, she'll be the first to tell you - in an easy to decipher code - it's not her fault, it's us dumb-as-dirt ordinary Americans who are the problem:
It’s been challenging in our political system to take the kinds of actions that we know are dictated by the science and by what we see in front of our eyes,” Clinton said at a news conference.
What's in front of my eyes is the coldest spring I can remember, following the coldest winter I can remember.  Give me some of that global warming, baby, and while you're at it, feel free to entomb our esteemed Secretary of State in ice for a while.  Maybe she can then rise up to the challenge of seeing what is in front of everyone else's eyes but hers...

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