Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Barack Obama: A Street-Corner Lunatic?

Hey, I didn't say it...Center-leftie Mickey Kaus did!

Over at The Daily Caller, Kaus is a bit nonplussed at the President's recent firey rhetoric about immigration.  Some of his concerns:

1) Does he really think he’s going to sell us the same old amnesty/enforcement sandwich by saying it will “make America more competitive in the global economy”? That’s hard to believe.

2) what point does talking obsessively (big speech, constant White House meetings, etc.) about an issue that has been defeated politically, is going nowhere, and is tangential to the main crises of the day begin to lose Obama the far more numerous votes of independents, non-Hispanic Dems and Hispanics who care about something other than amnesty?

3) Maybe the White House is just plodding ahead dumbly. “It does beg the question: ‘Where are we going with this?’” says Angela Kelly of the Center for American Progress in USA Today. When Obama loses CAP …

All of which leads Kaus to say of his beloved Barack Obama:

Like a man declaiming at nobody on the streetcorner, he looks a bit disoriented.

I think Mickey is being hard on my streetcorner lunatics; after all, at least their crazy theories and hate-filled rants are often the product of a diseased mind, and ususally have some grain of truth to them.  barack's, well...not so much.

Incidentally, doesn't the comparison of Barack Obama to a crazy homeless man make Mr. Kaus a...racist?

No, of course not.  But dare a conservative say the same exact thing...and...well, you know...

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