Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Debbie Wasserman: A Gift Of Stupidity, That Keeps On Giving...

This blog is firmly in favor of new DNC head Debbie Wasserman Schultz keeping her liberal gums flapping from now until election day.  She's a walking soundbite...for future Republican attack ads in 2012. 

Last Friday I highlighted three individual acts of unbelievable stupidity by Wasserman, but hey - anyone can have a bad day, right?

But she sure seems to have a lot of them.  Right Wing News - which describes DWS as one of the most vitriolic, off base, half informed demagogues of the far left in America today - gives us the video and transcript below, where Debbie claims that Republicans want to make illegal immigration...illegal, showing clearly no understanding that, yes, to take up residence in a nation without explicit permission to do so is against the law:

We have 12 million undocumented immigrants in this country that are part of the backbone of our economy. And that, that is not only a reality but a necessity. And that it would be harmful if some — you know, the Republican solutions that I’ve seen in the last few years is that we should just pack them all up and ship them back to their own countries, and in fact it should be a crime and we should arrest them all. I mean that was in legislation that Jim Sensenbrenner advanced a couple of years ago.

They're the backbone of our economy?  Really?  What about hardworking, tax-paying, all-American workers - what are they, a freakin' drain?  And why, in a nation with millions upon millions unemployed, is the existence of 12 million illegals a "necessity"?    And Debbie , do you have any idea in the world that what you are describing - "undocumented" immigrants - is already a crime not only in America, but in virtually every single nation on the entire flipping planet?

It's hard, hard work to be this seriously stupid.  Give Debbie some props.  And when you start to worry about the 2012 elections, when the media tells you the Democrats have it all locked up, just think of Debbie, and the fact that this is the best the Democrats can offer America....


Personal Home Inspector said...

She doesn't see a problem with 8 million or so jobs going to illegal’s while 20+ million Americans can't find a job? Not to mention that $25+ billion is remitted to Mexico alone every year and out of the US economy for good. And what's the problem with rounding up illegals? Have no interest in providing a comfortable, taxpayer-subsidized, lifestyle to foreign invaders. I'll give them one handout: a one-way bus ticket to Tijuana or the seaport closest to their home country. After that the only thing I want to see given to an illegal is a pair of handcuffs.

Social Networking Savings said...

They knew the exact consequences of their actions before even taking said actions. Broke the rules anyway, then cried foul when they realized they would have had a significant impact on the race had they kept their original dates.
Hillary supporters like to scream from the highest mountaintop that every state must get its say, and how there's NOTHING wrong with this process dragging into June, but at the same time, jump to defend (the indefensible) the states who wanted to have their primaries early in the year.

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