Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Michelle Obama Showing "Common" Cause With Racists...

...and is pissing off lots of folks in New Jersey while she's at it....

Apparently, it was the lovely Michelle who invited rapper Common to some sort of "arts event" at the White House, despite the facts he penned a love poem to a murder borne of racial hatred: 

 In question: the lyrics to “A Song for Assata,” about convicted cop-killer and former Black Panther Assata Shakur….The outrage centers on “A Song for Assata” lyrics like “Your power and pride is beautiful. May God bless your soul.” Shakur, formerly known as Joanne Chesimard, was convicted for the 1973 slaying of Trooper Werner Foerster on the New Jersey Turnpike. She escaped prison in 1979, and is living in asylum in Cuba.

Well, it's a black women who killed a white cop, so it's OK in Michelle's book.  Bonus points for her new home in Cuba, too!  So sing it, Common!

I'm thinkin' of assata, yeah.
Listen to my love, assata, yeah.
We're molded from the same mud, assata.
We share the same blood, assata, yeah.
Your power and pride, so beautiful...
May God bless your soul.
Your power and pride, so beautiful...
May God bless your soul.

So Common claims to have much in common with this vile murderess and escapee.  And while that doesn't bother Michelle, it is irking the hell out of the New Jersey State Troopers:

"The young people who read this stuff, hear this stuff, are getting a very dangerous and deadly message," said David Jones, president of the State Troopers Fraternal Association union.

The White House appearance comes during the same week that lawmen from across the nation, including Jones, make their annual trek to Washington to honor their fallen comrades at the National Law Enforcement Memorial.
Sal Maggio, a retired troop commander with the state police, said his colleagues still talk about Shakur and the million dollar bounty the FBI has put on her capture.
 "Hopefully someday she'll be caught," Maggio said in reaction to news of this invitation.

Not if Michelle Obama and her husband can help it.  What is it all those radicals chant?  "No justice, no...."

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sickolibs said...

Yeah.... Those folk, you know, the 'tolerant' ones, really are the most vile and hate filled people themselves. So they love others who are like them, and of course they have a permanent pass from NBC, CBS, ABC, etc.. and all the daily rags.