Thursday, September 13, 2012

If Romney's Got Balls, He's Got To Whip Them Out NOW...

...because the media has proven themselves as independent as one of Vince McMahon's WWE referees.  In accusing Romney of political opportunism by criticizing the president for his part in the September 11th, 2012 attacks overseas, they have laid down a new marker: foreign policy is not to be discussed during an election year if it is detrimental to the Democratic candidate.

Actually, the rule isn't entirely new - the fact that Barack Obama was vocally opposed to the "surge" that eventually won the Iraq War was blacked out in the press, much like Joe Biden's plan to partition Iraq into warring segments was never given more than a cursory glance by a media determined to sweep them into office.

The press, concerned over this potential weak spot within Dear Leader, demands that Mitt Romney shut up about this horrendous attack on this solemn day - an attack in which the administration refused to even defend our dearest values - and just let the president jet off to Las Vegas to continue his never-ending campaign fundraising.  Should too many Americans be made aware that the al-Qaeda flag was raised on American territory on September 11th, well....that could be a problem for Barack Obama.  And we can't have that.

Should Mitt Romney bow to this pressure, he is finished.  If he calls off his attack on the disastrous policy of Barack Obama, he reinforces the media's desperate case that somehow,  Romney committed a gaffe for speaking some plain and obvious truths.  At this late stage, it may cost him the election, when these events should in fact be imperiling Obama.

What to do? Follow the lead of Newt Gingrich, who gained nationwide support in the primaries for calling out the motives of his interlocutors.  The next time some lackey asks if he shouldn't just shut up about Obama's failures, Mitt has to lash out at the questioner by name, and his profession in general.  And he must keep pounding away and pounding away at the media, so that when the debates come along, his poorly-chosen moderators are on the defensive.

A left to the media's nose, and a right to Obama's chin.  Every day, every opportunity, with no regard to the attempts by the press to draw red lines every time their champion is in trouble.  This is not a gentlemanly boxing match, it is a UFC fight, a MMA brawl, a bloodsport not unlike a Fight Club battle in a dingy inner-city basement.

Don't be ashamed to fight back hard, Mitt.  This is already a two-on-one, with the media holding your arms behind your back while Obama takes cheap shots in between fawning for the crowd.

If you go down here, you bring the party and the nation down with you.  So fight with everything you got, fight like it really means something.

Or get the fuck out of the way.

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