Thursday, September 06, 2012

"Still Got A Crush On Obama"?

The famed "Obama Girl" of 2008 - Amber Lee Ettinger (at left), the busty sensation who lip-synched her love for The One - has exited stage right(!), seemingly embarrassed by her former paramour.

But the girl who actually wrote the song, Leah Kauffman, is still deeply in love.  And so she has recorded the sequel, this time starring...herself.

And it is absolutely brutal:

Deeply cringe-worthy, and yet another political black mark against Jewish women.  Not only does Kauffman come off as shallow ("'re still the sexiest candidate...") and a fashion disaster (a loose fitting shirt demanding that I "Listen to Barack"?  Maybe if you filled it out better...), but her awkward body movements (I hesitate to call it "dancing") remind me too much of the girls I would see at my college Hillel parties - sweet, but entirely unconvincing when they tried to do that sexy thing...

Sorry, Leah.  You may in fact "still got a crush on Obama", but I can guarantee you it's not reciprocated. And should he show even the slightest bit of interest, it's only because he wants to get one thing off of you, and one thing only: Your vote. After that, he's gonna pretend he doesn't even know you.   Just like every other Democrat...

I dunno, maybe it is just the t-shirt.  Then again, maybe it's because I expect (and Barack probably does too) an Obama Girl to look like this:

Now, if only Amber would share her wealth...

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