Sunday, March 18, 2012

Oprah Winfrey - Like So Many Who Supported Obama - Is Destroyed By Him

Oprah’s brand sure has declined since 2008. Did she do something to alienate her audience back then?
~Glenn Reynolds

A cascade of events leading to a cataclysmic conclusion.  For one women, anyway.

May 2007:

Ms. Winfrey, who for years has been a close friend to Mr. Obama, reaffirmed her support for his presidential candidacy during an interview Tuesday evening on CNN’s Larry King Live. It is the first time that Ms. Winfrey has endorsed – not to mention thrown her brand behind – a political candidate.

Shortly afterward:

After endorsing Obama, however, Oprah's ratings fell 7%.

In June 2008, when Obama secured the Democratic nomination, Winfrey told Entertainment Tonight:

“ I'm euphoric, I've been doing the happy dance all day. I'm so proud of Barack and Michelle Obama and what this means for all of us ... the new possibilities for our country. And if he wants me to, I'm ready to go door to door."

September 2008, after refusing to allow Sarah Palin to appear on her show, Oprah's fans begin to revolt:

You campaigned for Obama, you cried your eyelashes off at his nomination speech and you did the happy dance when he sealed the primary's after defeating hillary clinton. For years you have had women on your show speaking about how the have been affected by sexism, abuse, and other realated issues, but you have let your race and your hope for an african american president override your judgement. I'm disappointed in you and in your show.

This women (sarah palin) has endured more in the last week then any women has publicly had to endure...

November 2008, post election:

Oprah Winfrey, who cried during the celebration in Chicago's Grant Park, told the TV show "The Insider": "I was so, so, so excited and then just sort of a calm came over me. It feels like it actually is kind of real, so it feels great."

Quick jump ahead - March 17th, 2012:

Wrapping up a full day of campaign fundraisers, President Obama paid tribute Friday to one of his earliest and most prominent supporters: Oprah Winfrey.

"Just like books and skin cream," Obama said to laughter, "when Oprah decides she likes you, then other people like you, too."

More than three years after his historic election, Obama said that Winfrey is still "somebody who Michelle and I seek out in thinking about not just the day-to-day issues of the day, but trying to keep our focus on the big picture."

Really? Because that's not what they were saying a few years ago around Chi-town...November 2009:

A distraught Oprah Winfrey is telling pals her "thank you" for helping Barack Obama win the presidency has been a knife in the back.

A jealous first lady has frozen the talk queen out of the White House inner circle, say insiders. "Oprah is devastated," revealed a friend.

"She had no idea that Michelle was so jealous about the influence she had on Barack. She hated the way her husband would huddle with Oprah over strategy and jump when she called.

....Michelle has made it clear she is no longer interested in being friends with Oprah and is going to block her from access to the President."

"Stay away from my Barack, sister...feel that sharp, pointy thing in your spine...?

Damage report, Mr. Scott! July 2009 (OK, we are skipping around some, but...)

Oprah Winfrey may be the Queen of Daytime TV, but it seems her reign may be slipping.

The ratings for "The Oprah Winfrey Show" during the week ending July 5 were the lowest since the talk show's debut in 1983, averaging only a 3.2 household rating, according to

So how did the most popular woman in television have such a change of fortune?

June 2010:

But now, as the media mogul prepares to leave syndication and launch her own network (the appropriately titled OWN -- Oprah Winfrey Network) she finds herself in a new and unusual position: looking up at the competition.

Yes, believe it or not, 'The Oprah Winfrey Show' is actually struggling in the ratings. According to TV By the Numbers, reruns of 'Oprah' crashed to an all-time low last week...

Ah, yes - the OWN Network. April 2011:

The OWN channel, which launched two months ago, is being watched by only 135,000 people at any one time.
The ratings are 10 per cent lower than for the cable channel it replaced which was called Discovery Health.

And only 45,000 of those watching are women aged 25 to 54, the audience the channel is being aimed at.

Which brings us back to today's new of the cancellation of The Rosie O'Donnell Show on the OWN Network. A ideological sister to Ms. Winfrey, the collapse of this expensive project that was supposed to help build audience share has instead focused greater scrutiny on the failure of what media "experts" were calling a can't-miss cable network:

O’Donnell’s daytime talk show on OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network got the ax after five low-rated months on the air.

OWN went for broke with the launch of The Rosie Show, whose October premiere, along with that of Oprah’s Lifeclass, were broadcast on five Discovery networks. The struggling and money-losing OWN spent some $10 million to market the two shows, whose debut was touted as an unofficial OWN relaunch. That $10 million went where the previous $250 million+ in investment from Discovery went — down the drain. After an OK start with 500,000 viewers tuning in to the premiere, Rosie quickly lost more than half of that to average under 200,000 viewers for most of its run, while Lifeclass was pretty much DOA

So what has Oprah's loyal support for Barack Obama wrought?

An alienated fan base that deserted her daytime show then refused to rejoin her when she started her OWN (ahem) network. A once-sterling reputation as a can't-miss kingmaker has been reduced to now being perceived as the standard-bearer of money-bleeding vanity projects. She was forced to move out of Chicago (There can be only one Queen of the Windy City, bitch..!) but was turned away in Washington DC when she tried to set up shop in the White House.

Increasingly friendless, star fading, she turns back to the one man she once placed Hope in:  Barack Hussein Obama. She helped gather yesterday some 40 people at a fundraiser for the president, at $35K per head. Like a dog begging for a bone, Oprah was hoping for a reward, but Obama simply took the money, paid a few offhand compliments to his "bottom bitch", then immediately jetted off for wealthier climes.

Degraded; from Queen to Whore. That is what her association with Barack Obama has turned Oprah Winfrey into. It's what he's attempting to turn the whole nation into, as he tries to make us dependant on his whims for our daily sustenance.

I'm done hating Oprah. I just pity her. She's hard to look at, now. But she's an abject lesson in what happens to those who put out for a welfare pimp, thinking they can bask in their "goodness" and "generosity" - and maybe get a little piece of the action for themselves.

She's lost to us.  But don't let it happen to you.


LibertyAtStake said...

Take sides with the most divisive politician in history and expect to have your appeal narrowed. Period. End of Sentence. Entertainment economics in action. Take note Bill Maher.

"Because the Only Good Progressive is a Failed Progressive"

Jim - PRS said...

One reaps what one sows.


PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA’s FAILURES have little to do with RACE and everything to do with his level of INCOMPETENCY! Anyone who can’t see that our PRESIDENT is a COMPULSIVE LIAR is DEAF, DUMB or BLIND!
OPRAH WINFREY spends MILLIONS of USD's annually on PROJECTS specifically DESIGNED to make WHITE PEOPLE feel GUILTY about being "WHITE PEOPLE"!


SORRY, OPRAH, but the NAAWP is PROUD of our WHITE HERITAGE and ASHAMED of the way things have turned out for MILLIONS of our BLACK ENTITLEMENT BROTHERS and SISTERS all across AMERICA!

MILLIONS of BLACK AMERICANS have NEVER WORKED a single DAY in their entire LIVES and on an even sadder note MILLIONS of them never will.
BLACKS have HISTORICALLY used GOVERNMENT ENTITLEMENT PROGRAMS as a WAY of LIFE, rather than a WAY to get back on their FEET!
FACT: BLACK FAMILIES moved into PUBLIC HOUSING PROJECTS all over AMERICA back in the 60’s, sadly, very few BLACK FAMILIES ever found their WAY OUT of the PROJECTS!