Saturday, March 17, 2012

Who is Bashar al-Assad's mystery woman?

This picture has been described as "sexy" and "provocative", but there is something scary about it to me:

The undated picture shows the woman, clad only in white lingerie, pressing herself against a wall as her clothes lie discarded in a heap at her feet.

It was discovered among thousands of emails from the personal accounts of the Syrian president and his wife after their passwords were smuggled out of Damascus by opposition groups.

The photograph was sent to Mr Assad on December 11 last year by a woman who is not his wife

More background:

The woman in the picture stands, back to the camera, face in profile, wearing only skimpy underwear, with her arms raised and hands against the wall of a room. Dark hair piled high, she appears to be in her 20s and bears a similarity to a woman from whose account the message was apparently sent. Data embedded in the photo file indicate the shot was taken five years ago.
On the day it was e-mailed to the head of state, his army was attacking towns that had become strongholds for rebel troops in some of the heaviest fighting that had then been seen.

So was the Syrian president whacking off to his Arabian mistress while his soldiers slaughtered civilians by the hundreds?

Me, I didn't find this picture to enticing at all.  Knowing the Assads, and their blood-soaked history (Bashar's wife is no better, by the way, apparently urging on the massacre: "If we are strong together, we will overcome this together...I love you..." she seems to have written on December 28), I wondered right off the bat if this woman was a willing participant in this photo shoot.  Especially after reports from Syrian soldiers who have defected from the regime:

One soldier said the "cleansing" in Rastan in Homs caused him to defect. "We were told that people were armed there. But when we arrived, we saw that they were ordinary civilians. We were ordered to shoot them," he said.

"When we entered the houses, we opened fire on everyone, the young, the old... Women were raped in front of their husbands and children," he said, predicting that there were some 700 deaths, although this has not been verified.

What's worse: This woman being an unwilling participant in Assad's peep show, or an eager sexual partner to one of the most bloodthirsty tyrants on the planet?

Interesting how the media describes her right off the bat as "sexy". The thought that she may be a victim never crossed their mind. Not hard to believe that liberal MSM simply gets off on bondage and S&M, and it's all the more hotter when it is an actual snuff shot...

Final insult - literally:

Another woman apparently sent the president a computer-graphic image of a comic camel in thigh boots and bondage gear and, on another day, an obese giraffe captioned: "Just got back from America"...

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