Thursday, March 08, 2012

Did Obama Try To Bribe Bibi?

The audacity of...audacity:

The US offered to give Israel advanced weaponry -- including bunker-busting bombs and refueling planes -- in exchange for Israel's agreement not to attack Iranian nuclear sites, Israeli newspaper Maariv reported Thursday.

President Obama reportedly made the offer during Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu's visit to Washington this week.

Under the proposed deal, Israel would not attack Iran until 2013, after US elections in November this year. The newspaper cited unnamed Western diplomatic and intelligence sources

Meet Barack Obama: A man who puts his political ambitions over the life of every man, woman, and child in Israel.

Because he knows that an Israeli "October surprise" in the form of a pre-emptive strike on Iran would put him in no-win situation: Does he satisfy his base by joining the international condemnation that is sure to follow, and risk losing the majority of Americans who support the tiny Jewish state? Or support Israel, and alienate his key anti-Semitic supporter bloc on the eve of an election?

So what does Obama do, when faced with his own personal Kobayashi Maru?  He offers a desperate bribe to the Israelis, in the form of big guns that he will not let them use.

In a certain way, this may have been a realistic move by Barack.  Bibi has whupped his ass on so many occasions already that perhaps trying to bribe his way out of another beating was the only viable option he had left.

No word on how Bibi reacted to the offer.  Knowing the Israeli PM, I am sure it was greeted coolly.  Bibi isn't trading away his freedom, or selling out the Jews,  for some shiny new toys.

Obama, no doubt, will be stunned if/when Bibi rejects his generous offer.  After all, he has always been taught by his friends and mentors that Jews are plain 'ol greedy bastards, willing to run over their mothers for a quick could so many be so wrong?


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