Thursday, March 15, 2012

Bruce Springsteen: Tax-Dodging 1%-er Calls For Murder Of New Jersey's Middle Class

Regular readers of this blog are no doubt well aware of my disdain, disregard, and disgust for Springsteen, all exacerbated by his inflated claim to be the musical voice of the great state of New Jersey.  I've already noted his moral clumsiness while doing the interview circuit to pimp his new album, but I've never listened to it.  PJ Media does the dirty work, and discovers a disc dripping in hate, filled with #OWS rhetoric, with calls for class warfare and outright murder

On the second track, which is called “Easy Money,” Springsteen sings:

There’s nothing to it mister, you won’t hear a sound
When your whole world comes tumbling down
And all them fat cats they just think it’s funny
I’m going on the town now looking for easy money

I got a Smith & Wesson .38
I got a hellfire burning and I got me a taste

Growing more explicit, on “Jack of All Trades,” which is narrated by a laborer, perhaps an illegal immigrant, Springsteen sings:

The banker man grows fatter, the working man grows thin...

Now sometimes tomorrow comes soaked in treasure and blood…
So you use what you’ve got, and you learn to make do
You take the old, you make it new
If I had me a gun, I’d find the bastards and shoot ‘em on sight

There is more in this vein, including songs that echo with gunshots...

One of the many, many ironies and idiocies here is the idea of man who ties himself so tightly to New Jersey is actually advocating the murder of a large amounts of residents of  the state. Nearly a quarter of the people killed on 9/11 were New Jersey residents, a number that should give you an indication of what percentage we  make up of the "Wall Street crowd". But many of these people aren't "fat cats" - I see them every day at the bus stop, and they are moms and dads making a living, leaving their ten-year old Hondas in the parking lot and a brown bag lunch behind for their kids as they go off to feed their family for another day.

Now Springsteen would likely say this $60-$160K crowd (that's middle-class in the nation's highest-taxed state) aren't the folks he's targeting, but tell that to the shooter who Bruce may inspire to spray their bus -which simply says "Wall Street", and doesn't list their incomes - with automatic weapon fire. Hey, "shoot 'em on sight", right Bruce?

And of course, don't bother asking Bruce who will pay for the myriad of New Jersey's social programs - the ones he so ardently supports - if he has all of the taxpayers in the highest bracket murdered.

But we do know one thing: Bruce Springsteen won't be paying for them. He's a tax-dodger, Jersey-style:

Through a trust, Bruce Springsteen owns more than 200 acres in Colts Neck. the taxes for his house and three acres are more than $138,000. But because of the farm tax break, the tax bill on a little more than 200 additional acres is less than $5,000. Town officials say he has horses and an organic farmer working some of the land. A lawyer for the trust had no comment.

A multi-millionaire rock star, living on his mansion in Rumson off the Navasink River (the site of many a Democratic fund-raiser) avoids paying his fair share of taxes  by claiming he's a farmer. Can you say "1%", you liberal douchebag?

And he's a real family man, too...well, other people's families, that is. And other men's wives:

Ann Kelly, 45, was a housewife living with her mortgage-broker husband and two children in a $600,000 home in a leafy New Jersey suburb.

But when the married Springsteen entered her life in 2005 -- showering her with concert tickets, serenading her during rehearsals and confessing she was on his mind while he toured -- the Jersey girl got lost in a "Tunnel of Love," court records alleged.

The relationship between Kelly and the "Born to Run" singer began with chitchats on the treadmills at a high-priced Red Bank, NJ, gym, but the pace quickened with lunch dates and eventually a full-on affair.

Accusations of an illicit tryst came to light after Ann's husband of 17 years, Arthur Kelly, 46, filed for divorce on March 27, 2009.

During the yearlong divorce proceeding, Arthur filed court papers alleging that Ann enjoyed a rendezvous with Springsteen while the husband was laid up in a hospital with heart trouble.

Workouts spilled into lunches at a nearby cafe, with Ann's two daughters sometimes tagging along. The children got to know Springsteen so well that they called him "Bruce," according to court records. 2007 and 2008, unsigned Valentine's Day cards without stamps or postmarks showed up in the Kellys' mailbox in West Long Branch...

When Chris Christie was elected governor in 2009, Bruce Springsteen refused to play at his inauguration.  Christie, not missing a beat, hired a cover band to take his place.  Nobody missed him then.  And they won't in the future, when New Jersey turns away from the man who sung wistful songs about seeing the state's working people covered in their own blood...

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DismalDave said...

Cowards call?

I haven't cared for anything Bruce has put out in the past 30 years - it's all been crap since The River.

Bruce Springsteen is the 1%, on one on a bus would even come close.

The JerseyNut said...

He's been riding on his reputation since then - that and the adoration of music critics, who see him as Che with a guitar...

Reaganite Independent said...

Overrated bonehead

I like how Alice Cooper called him and Cheryl Crowe "treasonous morons" lol

LibertyAtStake said...

I agree - Springsteen is the poster child for maximizing remuneration for limited talent. I could actually respect that - if he didn't demonstrate gross stupidity every time he opens his mouth on matters of politics.

Anonymous said...

Springsteen is just Sean Penn with a guitar.

Anonymous said...

Springsteen reminds me of David Letterman. Two aging and fading stars of their genre, who - seeing themselves being overshadowed by the next generation - react not with grace or humor, but by becoming nasty, mean-spirited, and hateful.

Letterman becomes a Palin-basher for laughs, Springsteen thinks he can Occupy the charts for cash.

They are both sickening.

Springsteen is just Letterman with a guitar!

Anonymous said...

Did "The Boss" leave that first comment?

Anonymous said...

Not sure who that first post was directed at. I can imagine some liberal, foaming at the mouth, the cognitive-dissonance caused by the truth of this blog post causing his tiny brain to lock up.

Liberals are amusing, and would be great for a few laughs if they weren't so dangerous en-masse.


Anonymous said...

Good post. Have seen lyrics from the new album and they make me cringe - pure hypocrisy. I'm not in the 1%, but Mr. Springsteen doesn't speak for me.