Saturday, March 17, 2012

Rutherford B. Hayes Takes It To Obama, Old-Style!

What's the matter, Baracky? Nobody buying the pathetic Bush-bashing anymore?  Had to find another Republican ex-President to slap down?  Afraid to use Nixon, perhaps, becuase folks might draw some interesting parallels?

Well, you can spout all the smack you want about Rutherford B. Hayes, but you better know what you're talking about. Better not go around just making shit up about this guy, and thinking he'll take it lying down. Because there's this thing called the internet now, and 'ol Rutherford is gonna use it to fact-check your sorry ass.  He's going all Breitbart on you, pal, exposing your sheer and utter ignorance, and he's just getting started tearing you a new one:

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