Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Barack Obama on Israel: One President, Two Faces

Barack Obama, at AIPAC:

Four years ago, I stood before you and said that, “Israel’s security is sacrosanct. It is non-negotiable.” That belief has guided my actions as president.

And remember that the U.S.-Israel relationship is simply too important to be distorted by partisan politics. America’s national security is too important. Israel’s security is too important.

At his steal-the-Super-Tuesday-spotlight press conference yesterday:

... he reverted to his old stance, where he is more comfortable. Hours after the United States and Europe agreed to reopen negotiations with Iran, Obama emphasized the “window of opportunity” for Iran to prove its nuclear program is for peaceful purposes.

He mentioned the military option only as a pivot to snarl at critics.
He accused them of a “casualness” about war, of “beating the drums of war,” of “bluster” and “big talk.”
“This is not a game,” he declared..

But he treats it like one.  Or better, like a movie he is seeing for the first time, a movie where everyone else can quote all the lines, and have seen the ending dozens of times before

Obama truly doesn’t grasp the impact of his switcheroo. He is playing the most dangerous game of all: peace at any price.

The approach sounds familiar because it is. Most infamously, it’s what Europe tried with Hitler.
In response to his demands and threats during the 1930s, Great Britain and France gave a little here, a little there. They made excuses for him and expected he would be satisfied with the next concession.
Too late, they realized he was a liar and a monster. He had broken every promise, rearmed Germany and was rolling into Poland. Finally, they had no choice but to fight the deadliest war in human history...

Israel is going to change the ending, this time. And Obama will be infuriated. Proving himself right is more important than the survival of one - what did a French ambassador call it some years ago? - "shitty little country".

Especially one that is filled to the brim with Jews...

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